Chinese gastronomy

Chinese cuisine is the best in the world. Its varied dishes bear witness to this. Indeed, gastronomy in China has evolved a lot on almost all levels. China protects its traditional type of culinary art for cultural reasons. In the rest of this article, you will have all about the very rich Chinese gastronomy.

The place of gastronomy in China

China remains the country with a highly developed gastronomy. This Asian country has had a big impact on the culinary life of other countries around the world. At first glance, China has a cuisine that is qualified as the most popular in the world. Chinese dishes are loved every day. Chinese dishes are mainly made with wet rice, vegetables and fruits, in China evening meals have a great importance in the life of the Chinese, because they put in turn gables flooded with food because of the success of Chinese gastronomy, it has succeeded in embracing those of other nations of the world. The main features of Chinese gastronomy are found in the rest of the article.

The characteristics of Chinese gastronomy

The best flavors in the world are in Chinese cuisine. The sugar, the salty, bitter and spicy taste are almost present. Note that rice is popular in the south while wheat is popular in the north. The Chinese love vegetables and fruits. If a nation is rich in vegetables, it is China with several varieties of vegetables. In short, all this demonstrated the gastronomic quality of China. Besides the tea that the Chinese take, there are alcoholic-type drinks which are rare in restaurants in China. Street foods commonly known as street food are also present in street corners.