The uses of olive oil in cooking

Depending on each country, food is cooked in several ways with different ingredients. But in European countries, olive oil is used for cooking uses. In the following lines, we have made available to you various uses that you can make of olive oil and benefit from it.

What is olive oil?

Olive oil is an oil that most of the countries of Europe use frequently to do a lot of things, but the countries of Africa also make good use of it. Olive oil is an oil that is obtained from the extraction of ripe olive trees. It is involved in the preparation of several dishes and offers a very varied use. In addition, it is obtained by mechanical extraction. Its acidity level is around 0.5. For this, it is very rich in substance useful for the body. Many Mediterranean countries use it mainly in their traditional foods. The rest of the article provides you with all the possible uses for this oil.

The uses of olive oil

The roles that this oil plays in the preparation of food are very considerable. In the kitchen, it participates in seasoning, especially believed by its virtue to enhance the properties of the ingredients. As a seasoning, it gives the food a good taste and a pleasant flavor in addition to the aroma. In addition, olive oil promotes very short cooking thanks to the high temperature smoke. In addition, there are long cooking times that affect meats, stews and vegetable sauces. Long cooking is possible due to the acid content of olive oil. Regardless of the higher level, olive oil is used to make solid foods easily. Not only does it contain a temperature of over 210 * c which allows it to withstand the strength of food for frying, but also it bakes fish, crispy potatoes, roast meats. Olive oil contains many virtues in the field of cooking.