The best Japanese dishes in 2021

Japan is a country with a gastronomy well supplied with a variety of dishes. It is a country whose dishes are very little known in other countries of the world. Come discover the vastness and the healthy character of Japanese gastronomy in this article.

Features of Japanese gastronomy

Japan has a fairly strong and healthy gastronomy, especially in terms of vegetables that fill the dishes in homes and restaurants. Japanese gastronomy is immense. She has been impacted by Chinese cuisine and other countries around the world. On a daily basis, the Japanese eat three times a day, in the morning, afternoon and evening, but the evening meal is often taken outside in groups for good social conviviality. Then, it should be noted that tea taken hot or cold, remains the most consumed local drink of the Japanese. The dishes are also filled with fruit as well as seafood.

The top 3 of the best dishes in Japan.

Among the best dishes in Japan we have first of all sushi. It is not only popular in Japan, but also in Europe. It is made with rice prepared in sugar vinegar with raw fish. Adding soy sauce makes it more delicious. Then the Yakitoris which come from the roasting of meat and fish. It should be noted that this dish is eaten with brown sauce. Finally come the onigiris which are rice cooked so as to have triangle and ball shapes. In general, the Japanese eat them with soy sauce or with vegetables and fruits. The Japanese like to have it for lunch.

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