Discovering Japanese Onigiri

Onigiri is a popular meal in Japan and is enjoyed by many people. It comes in many forms every year. It is prepared from Japanese rice. Indeed, it is essentially made from rice with other ingredients. This article shows you in plain text how to make good onigiri

The ingredients to prepare the onigiri

In all the recipes needed to prepare a good and delicious onigiri, rice is in the foreground. There are also nori sheets which are used to preserve the onigiri flavor. Also meat, cucumbers, eggs, soy sauce and sugar in addition to miso paste and mirin. The water facilitates the mixing of all the ingredients

How is onigiri prepared?

To make good onigiri, cook well washed rice several times in water containing vinegar. Allow the rice to absorb all the water for about 15 minutes. Then cook the meat, eggs, cucumbers, sugar, sauce made from soybeans. Add the miso paste and mirin while letting them reduce to a minimum amount. Then mix everything together with the rice that was left in the water. At this level, you must add the nori sheets already cut. Boil for about 20 minutes, and your food is ready to be eaten.